In the long history of rolling, there have been hundreds of emperors, but Qin Huang Hanwu, Tang Zong Song Zu, Genghis Khan, these emperors can be rated as an emperor, because their achievements in the reign, can be in all aspects It is the first person in the ages, truly unifying the world, opening up the territory, and concentrating political power to reach the peak. Today is the Song Zu Zhao.

The era in which Zhao Wei was located was not a peaceful and prosperous period. He stood out from the turbulent five generations and ten countries, succeeded in unifying political power, established the Song Dynasty, and established a dynasty that flourished in Chinese history, although the ending of the Song Dynasty was not so good. However, it seems that the dynasties can not escape the end of another regime.

Zhao Wei was born in the ordinary, but also barely can be said to be the bureaucratic home. Some of the ancestors used to be officials in the Tang Dynasty. Although they were not officials and officials, they were enough to make Zhao Yan’s ears shine. He is not an ordinary person. Otherwise, it is impossible to repeatedly grasp the opportunities in the turbulent times and eventually become the rulers.


According to legend, when he was born, there was a strange smell in the room, and this incense was filled for three days and three nights. This legendary experience can be compared with the fragrance, and it is impossible to verify its authenticity, but it seems that every person writes history. Winners can add a mysterious stroke to their birth experience to prove that they are indeed different from ordinary people.

Once during his time, the world was in turmoil. He was alone, and there was no place to live. He could only rest in a temple in Fuyang. He was ragged and stunned. No one had taken care of him. Coincidentally, there is an old monk in the temple. When I saw Zhao Wei, I saw him for him. This does not look tight. When I look at the old monk, I can imagine that Zhao Wei is an adventurer, but I need to go north and then I will All the proceeds were given to Zhao Wei, so that he can become a big event.








In 958, when Chai Rong had not had time to realize the great cause, he died. The young child Chai Zongxun was only seven years old, but he could only be helped. There is such a small emperor. Other enemy countries are naturally ready to move, Qidan and North. The Hanlian soldiers attacked, and the equals were naturally panic-stricken. If such literati could not resist, they immediately sent Zhao Wei to go north, but this made the soldiers in the army dissatisfied. Without the instructions of the emperor, why did they resist the bloodshed? The thing is that they are leading the way, while Wenchen is hiding behind. However, these soldiers are the confidants of Zhao Wei. Presumably, he himself is not willing to let the younger son be the emperor. He has the military power and can stand on his own as an emperor. He just needs the support of everyone.

When such an idea came out, the soldiers were all shaken. When Zhao saw that the timing was almost the same, he let the confidant Zhao Pu carry the yellow robe that had already been done on his body, and he only needed to be drunk, he still I wanted to get the throne in a more legal way. Then, when everyone exclaimed, he pretended to be awake. In the face of such a situation, he seemed helpless. "You are self-satisfied, make me a god, can come from me." Life is OK, otherwise, I can't be a master.", meaning that you are greedy for wealth, choose me as a prince, and listen to my orders best, otherwise I can't be an emperor.

After listening to this, the soldiers still chose to obey Zhao Wei, but the murderous Zhao Wei, so took the Queen of the Zhou Dynasty, let the young emperor and the Queen Mother, so he announced that everyone should not offend them, If the violation is violated, the army will return to the DPRK. This is the famous "Chenqiao Incident" in history.


There are still some opponents in the Imperial City. But Zhao Wei’s military power is in hand. The military strength in the city is not enough to see. He was directly suppressed by him. He successfully climbed to the throne. The little emperor could only accept his life and chose Zen. The dynasty was so easy to change, and became the Song Dynasty, successfully opened up a generation of historical powers.